Great Family Guy Idea

Family Guy idea:
“I’m crushed, even more crushed than Luke Skywalker’s co-pilot in the Hoth Battle”

Switch scene to the Hoth Battle from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke’s plane was just going down after destroying the imperial destroyer with long legs. Peter is the co-pilot in the back, and their plane was struck by a laser. When the plane goes down, Luke is trying to pull Peter out of the aircraft before the machine steps on them.

“Come on man, you can make it.” They struggle, Peter is stuck. The moment is intense.
“Pull me out! Pull me out! My leg is busted, Aghhh!
“I can’t pull you out, you’re too heavy!” Luke stops trying and gets out just in time before the big destroyer stomps on their plane.
“Ah, screw you man!” – and Crush. Back to family guy.


One thought on “Great Family Guy Idea

  1. “Oh great, Skywalker can help us out.”
    ~No way, not since last time.

    Switch scene to Hoth Battle in the same situation, same vulgar and funny outcome.

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