A ‘Trek’ Through Time

Stardate 62899.5 (June 7, 2009)

I have seen very few films at a theater that conclude with applause from the audience.  This might be because I do not frequent movie theaters very often, or it might mean that the quality of the films that I see at theaters is lacking.  Nevertheless, on Sunday night in Davis Square’s Somerville Theater, this two hour showing deserved every bit of applause it received that night.

Referred to as a “reboot” of the Star Trek film franchise, the aptly entitled “Star Trek” did an exquisite job at rebooting my latent passion for the Enterprise.  This film was charged with the task of providing a genesis story to the institution created by Gene Roddenberry over four decades ago.  Featuring the much younger versions of Kirk, Spock, Uhura and others, the interplay of starkly different personalities on the screen provided for wonderful entertainment and eye opening insight into each character.

“Star Trek” is replete with cutting edge CGI effects, dazzling cinematography, and an inspiring soundtrack to make this eleventh installation of Star Trek film stand apart from the Star Trek films of yore.  The story presented does not deviate too much from what is called “cannon” amongst Star Trek aficionados; the fact that the story is written as a prequel allows for this however, and the plot of the film is quite coherent with many of the themes present in the “Star Trek” television shows.

After seeing most of the Star Trek films at various points in my life I can say with confidence that this one is my favorite.  I am a sucker for cool special effects and this film left me feeling incredibly satisfied.  The details of the Enterprise, both inside and outside were stunning, the anachronistic inclusion of a 400 year old Corvette being blasted down a country road in Iowa by an adolescent Kirk was awesome, the sub orbital sky dive onto Spock’s home planet was insane and to top it off you get to see Uhura in her unmentionables… what else could a guy ask for?

To provide balance however, the opening scene of “Star Trek” was moving to say the least.  Emotion churning was not something I experienced before while watching anything Star Trek related – I normally watched it to satiate my need for sci-fi, and I did not expect to be taken to such emotional extremes while watching “Star Trek”.  There were several major coming of age themes in this film, all played out quite well without getting too sappy or cliche, all of which complimented the character conflicts beautifully. Specifially, the most aparent themes were relevent to the characters of Kirk and Spock.

This film deserves the accolades it receives from the media and will hopefully bring a new generation of fans into the Star Trek universe.  The new generation of cast are certainly talented enough to have very successful careers in the Star Trek franchise if they so chose to pursue them.

In short, I loved this movie I cannot wait for the next installation – it is planned to debut in 2011!


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  1. This movie helped trigger my interest in the original series, and since then I’ve watched about 5 episodes. Classic, man! Kirk and Spock have such a dynamic relationship on the Enterprise, it’s difficult to replicate with completely different actors like they did. But I get the feeling that things will flow nicely in this rejuvenated franchise. I hope so!

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