Posthumous Intentions

I meant to make this trip a long time ago.

I meant to be a part of this from the start.

I meant to be there before you left.

I meant to, but God and Time are cruel

Lovers, picking and choosing as they please.

You’ve always been there, in the heart of my body,

In the soul of my mind.

There are things I’ve been meaning to give you,

Presents from my accomplishments,

Presence of my devotion to you and our family heritage.

There are things I’ve learned since we last spoke,

Things I’ve meant to learn from you.

I’ve learned of death, and it has struck me close.

It does not pain me because I am not afraid,

Not for you, not for me, nor anyone I love.

In death there is peace.

Rest now in this world,

And awake in the next,

A mere dream of stars and sand.



a dedication to my late grandparents,

Donald, Herbert, Mary, and Beula

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