When Earth and Sky Were One

** The following story is based on an ancient Chinese Myth about (Pangu), and the separation of Yin (Earth) and Yang (Sky). **

A long time ago, thousands of years ago, before humans were born, before the world was round, and before life had lived, everything was one. Everything lived in a single line, straight and endless. It was during this time of endlessness that the Earth and the Sky were the closest of friends. Together they lived and talked and understood one another as brother and sister would in blood, as husband and wife would in love. They were very happy.

God existed there too, and lived with the Earth and the Sky harmoniously. God, not selfishly but selflessly, wanted nothing more than for the Earth and the Sky to have everything they ever wanted.

One day, God asked the others to create something. Knowing the physical limitations of their current existence, God sought freedom. But to be free, God needed space, and space could only be granted when the trinity was in agreement.

God had to ask the Earth and the Sky for permission. “I can create an infinite landscape, full of life, shapes, and feelings, if only you let me.”

“Will that change what we are?” They asked in unison.

“That which you represent will remain true and beautiful.” God always had a way with words. “Things will change, there is no question. But your bond will be forever, as it has always been.”

When God gave this thought to the Sky and the Earth, they were excited by the prospect of new experiences, and a wealth of imagination inspired them to unanimously agree.

“God, give us this that you dream of.”

“I will. I will give this to you. I will give you space. I will give you all the space in the universe.” And it was agreed.

The line that bonded all things split in a wondrous moment, filled with a multi-dimensional explosion of color, held together by light and shadow, ever-growing, never dying. Things took shape, shapes became tangible and planets, suns, and life took form.

God, the Earth, and the Sky were overjoyed with the newfound universe that they created. During the infant years of their transformation, the Earth and the Sky looked upon one another with new eyes, new feelings of love and friendship.

Over time, however, the distance between them grew, and what was once a loving friendship, soon became an impersonal relationship. The distance eventually became too great for the Earth and the Sky. Their eternal bond before time and space formed was as strong as love, and as friends grow apart, so did they. Before long, the Earth and the Sky lost sight of one another, and the happiness they shared was replaced by sadness.

The Earth flourished with life, and the Sky flourished with worlds, but individually they were both alone.

“God, where did the Sky go?” The Earth beckoned.

“The sky is there, can you see it? Can you feel it?” God was always there, between the Earth and the Sky, in the formless space that divided them.

“No, I call for it every day, and I get no response. My heart is aching for it, God.” God knew this, as the Sky said the very same thing.

“I just want to know they are ok. Without them, I have no meaning in life.”

Having heard those words, God’s heart swelled with love and compassion, and came up with an arrangement for both the Earth and the Sky. Being their only messenger, God told them both.

“Earth, when you miss the sky, heat up. Your heat will be felt by the sky.” The Earth started to heat up, vaporizing the water from its pores.

“Sky, welcome these waves of heat as a message of love from the Earth. Feel these waves, and when you miss the Earth, collect them and send them back in the form of rain. The rain will fall, and land on the Earth, and it will know you are thinking of it.” The Sky felt the Earth’s heat, collected it in thick clouds of moisture, and sent it back in cooling drops of rain.

“Earth, the Sky will rain down upon you when it feels your heat. These drops of rain are yours, received by the Sky, and sent back to you; a message returned with confidence restored. Receive them when you are sad, and you will feel happy once more.”

Upon completion of this arrangement, a great storm enveloped the entire Earth. For a thousand years, the Sky rained down upon the Earth, cooling its hot lands, soothing their sad hearts. The burning soul of the Earth quenched the cold soul of the Sky, and the wet rains of the Sky quenched the dry lands of the Earth. Storm after storm exploded with such force that even God felt them. 

When the clouds eventually cleared, the Sky and the Earth were content. The Earth grew unique life forms, intelligent and self-motivated. The Sky became clear, and allowed the eyes of God to look down upon them with clarity and compassion. The universe was in balance, and the agreement they formed remained for the rest of time.

Both the Sky and the Earth were happier after this agreement was made. God was happier too, having found the best way to keep that which was once one, one again.


Dedicated to Haritsadee Jan

With love,



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  1. Great find Alex. It really moved me and I am sure it will have a similar effect on your friend too. Thank you.

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