The Supplier – continued

Her smile mirrored mine as I took her by the hand and led her away from the chaos. We emerged into the sterile night as the doors sealed shut behind us. I lead her across the grass, the condensation of twilight clung to our shoes as they carved a path through blades of grass leading to the dazzling porte cochere where our escape awaited under its covering. The attendant handed me the keys to my slate Pininafarina styled stallion, the girl anxiously slid into the leather saddle next to mine. I punched the throttle and propelled us forward. With ferocious velocity my headlights vaporized the veils of fog attempting to consume us as I navigated the narrow ribbon of pavement ascending the mountain. I briefly noticed her entranced focus as she gazed below at the bright city shrinking below her as our distance increased, her breath quickened as we slid from apex to apex on the winding road, her body clung to its anticipation as we neared the summit.

Dopamine flowed freely though our bodies as we rode the rails of an electric train across an interdimensional sky bridge of pleasure. Our cars collided, our passengers began to intermingle, conversations evolved into a highly efficent synaptic interplay. Our realitities converged on a higher plane of existance than could naturally have been acheived given our relationship’s infancy. We now peered laborously to see the world which lay before us, and amid all the soft touches of holographic pleasure engulfing the periphery, we came to relize whith a painful syncronicity that we had made an error.

Glaring at both of us was the Supplier. She was familiar once, but now her name remains only as a reminder to an obligation I made many years before. The emptiness which had dwelled in my subconscious finally took me by the hand and lead me into the stale night just hours ago, it’s power stoked by the intoxicating siren song from the lush paradise where my acomplis in this act stalked her prey. The pale face framed by thin, artificial hair beguled me with a manipulating purpose to extract from me what she needed. Once the moment passed she would fade away into a haze of confusion. My eyes strained under the peircing light of the morning as it intensely drilled into my optic nerves. I rolled over the wet grass trying to stablize my nausia. I looked at the buildings surrounding me and attemempted to realign my dazzeled senses, not again, I thought to my self, not again.