The Supplier

I was awash in a sea of hot sweaty bodies, my senses deluged by the bass rumbling over the wet stone floor. I stood gazing upwards, mesmorized by the rainbow of laser light dancing along the sheer glass facade of the tower rising in front of us like a futuristic monolith; visible through the glass dome, sheltering all of us from the night, and bathing the crowd below in a fantastic spectrum of psychedelic patterns.

The crowd enveloped me as I became an animated medium for the rhythm spun from the DJ’s laptop. His place being perched high in front of the illuminated pool, palm trees, and sparkling fountains which dominated the landscape. He was the priest in a temple filled with all that is evil for the soul, but manna for the mind’s erogenous appetite. My conscious became lost in an orgy of aural and visual stimuli while the other members of this twenty first century bacchanal imbibed alcohol from their plastic cups and invited their partners to simulate clothed intercourse with them. I could only stare in awe; this scene being foreign to my first person.

My concentration was shattered, “Hey, do you have any coke?” the sultry voice from behind whispered in my ear. I felt her cold hand wrap around my torso and I began to turn slightly as I sensed her body moving closer to mine. Coming around, I came eye to eye with her porcelain face, framed by pin straight peroxide hair, a pair of icy cobalt eyes stared at me with an emptiness as she yearned for her drug. She moved closer to me once more, “I want to have a good time tonight baby.” she said with a moan as her lips grazed my ear. I removed her hands from my body and stepped back just enough to enjoy the view of her body slink around in the red cocktail dress painted over her curves. I smiled.

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  1. great beginning for a story, novel, other?? Way too short…piqued my interest and then vanished….

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