A Moment in the Presence of the Divine

It was a dark night filled with little stars above as I lay on the sand, listening to the trees brush the wind, and the ocean breaks. I stare aimlessly into the sky, putting the constellations together in my mind. It is silent. Nobody is around. I am warm with a numbing sense of calm. In this moment my gaze into the heavens is fixed, transfixed, at the brightest star.

Within my view I notice the stars and sky twist around me, as they do throughout the course of the evening. I notice it twist now at an accelerated rate, and the sky itself bends at a single focal point, the brightest star. The world is still, and nothing has changed. The sky is changing. The sky spirals tighter and tighter around this one point until I notice the center opening up in a white light. It was small, the point was bright. Its penumbra made it look bigger than it really was, but since I saw from creation, I knew that it was really no smaller than a pebble of sand. At that moment a gigantic structure emerged from the single white spec. It enveloped the entire sky, and the stars disappeared. The darkness overtook me, and I not longer saw the reflection of the moon on the waters. It continued to move. There was no way it was close to us; we must be the size of a marble in scope of this thing.

How close is it? Does anyone else see this thing? I am not scared… I am not worried.

In a flash it disappears from the sky beneath the horizon, and the stars reappear, brighter than ever.