Typewriter Raindrops

Typewriter raindrops begin

Pit-pattering on my pages,

Creating oil drops of legible cognizance.

Did you get splashed?

Do my drops splash you in your mind’s eye?

Typewriter raindrops are

Giving way to creative nature,

And an infinite amount of growth.

Big puddles are forming now.

The drops fall like a waterfall,

Tumultuous and uncontrollable,

And the story takes shape under a flood of new ideas.

A hard staccato is now the force of my thought

Onto the minds of the eager and the thirsty,

Ever drinking, ever reading,

Ever learning, and ever wet

From the downpour comes a flourishing of budding inspiration.

The noticeable tip-tap-tip of letters is felt less now,

The metaphorical drip-drop-drip begins to dissipate,

And the message has been fully saturated.

A world of experiences can be understood

After the fall of such typewriter raindrops.

April, 2009