Infinite Regression in Writing

How can one illustrate the concept of infinite regression through writing?
I am the writer, and I am writing.
I am writing about a writer who is writing.
I am writing about a writer who is writing about a writer who is writing.
The course continues infinitely until it ceases to be a sentence. Writing is grammatically composed of sentences, and thereby infinite regression can not pertain to writing. Without a sentence made, writing has no structure, no rules, no composure.

Let us continue then, continue to see the writer writing about the writer. His pen will always write one letter behind the thing he is writing about, and the writer who is writing about him will always be one letter behind him. There will never be an end, so let’s stop this before we perish trying to see the infinite.

8-8-08 12:05pm

4 thoughts on “Infinite Regression in Writing

  1. if sentence is a face of power or desir of power..yours words and yours things are justes.I stoppet writink y a longtemps..pour decrire …quoi..i think about the camion of margurite duras

  2. this thing actually made sense to me! it’s kind of like the concept could apply to more than just writing… sort of symbolic for other life stuff. make sense?

    1. I completely agree with you Rhozan. The writing expresses a greater truth in my life, written at a time when I questioned it the most.

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