Jazzafrezz is in the hotspot,
Cooking over a cool blue fire,
Liquid heat bubbling from below,
And a shower of light from above.

Jazzafrezz is cooking up the nightscene,
Throwing fusion into the heart,
Infusing zest in the soul of every listener,
And making the listeners dance and shout.

Jazzafrezz is the new brain child of modern jazz,
Modern music, modern feelings,
Colored with the cultures of many lands,
And always, always sounding cool and jive.

Jazzafrezz is the heavy plucking of fiber strings,
Fluid breathing thru winded pipes,
Uncontrollable urges are forced to the surface,
And vibrant percussions make time move in style.

Jazzafrezz is a changing speed on a musical highway,
Gearing up and gearing down at certain junctions,
Feisty in the summer sun,
Melodic in the winter shade.
Both types harvest the heat of the moment.

Jazzafrezz is the moment,
The twinkle in our eyes,
And the passion in our hearts.
Jazzafrezz is the hotspot.