The Frog and its Coin Pond

One day, a boy bought a hand-carved frog from a local merchant, rich with coins engraved at its feet, and with red jewels in its eyes. It was small; it fit the palm of the boy’s hand. He placed it on his windowsill, and there it sat for many years. The boy grew up, and collected more things as precious as the frog, and surrounded it with his experiences and memories.

At one point, the frog moved with the man he grew to know into a world much greater and larger. From the new window on which it rested, the world turned before him, and the sky opened up into a valley of clouds and blue. When the man settled in, he started surrounding the frog with pennies. Bold, copper coins lay all around the frog, and the carving came to life from the fortunes before it. The frog now had a pool full of coins to swim in, and the world around them watched and smiled.

The Frog and its Coin Pond

The coins came to life too. In the waters of this token’s good fortune, an essence emanated from the windowsill, cast in the darkness of night, and the lightness of day. Some of the pennies were very old, and some were very young. Generations came together in a tepid pond of copper. Their stories and experiences were limitless, having exchanged so many hands in life. Each story had a unique purpose, some more so than others. Their stories were not to be heard.

The frog heard them, however, and the coins finally had an audience to speak to. The frog stayed and listened to the stories of the coins, and understood their value, a value unrealized by the boy who found them, and kept them. Their value then was more than today, and the man knew this. He put them out there, on the windowsill, and created a work of art, a living art. He gave life and meaning to the frog and its coin pond. May they all shine in the open waters of fortune and fame.

5.9.09 – 12pm