Incomplete rant.

The nights here are stale and warm, streets are devoid of chatter, the only noise it the simulated bell of a street car prowling the downtown grid. Bums ride bicycles almost as nice as mine, and go about their entrepreneurial endeavors, competing with the city run waste collection monopoly. My feet slightly ache from walking the expansive blocks standing between me and my studio apartment cross town.

I am contemplating how one finds enjoyment in a new environment where they will only be staying for a few weeks. Making long term relationships seem like a pointless task; the true gains will only be short term, and in my mind at least, can only be worth the effort if the encounters are lascivious in nature, which given my current status would be emotionally damaging. Sex then is a moot topic. As for drinking buddies, they are expensive and empty companions, and a night out with drinking buddies should culminate ideally when a consenting mate is obtained from the establishment in which alcohol is being consumed. The only exception to this in my opinion is when you find an intellectually stimulating drinking partner; those are the best and often times most enlightening people I have found. I will try and find one here.

One thought on “Incomplete rant.

  1. I can see this anywhere if I put my mind to it. Great detail and concept. I think that it would naturally be hard to adjust so easily and so quickly. Time is needed to mold yourself into your surroundings. A lifestyle as nomadic as what you’re talking about is an experience left to the more adventurous types.

    Keep it coming, buddy! Thank you – aZ

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