Posthumous Tribute to Mr. Butch

You’re a 56-year old immortal,
and you know what’s up.
You’re a lumbering icon among Allston’s

List of Legends.

The Pied-Piper, the Mayor,
The unofficial King of Men.
I’ve watched the Mr. Butch Show


May your dreams be met,
and your destinations found.
Keep on riding that vespa, King,
The beauty in your

American Dream.

2 thoughts on “Posthumous Tribute to Mr. Butch

  1. Key in his life, he spent over twenty years saving his savings panhandling the streets of Boston to buy one, and two weeks after buying one, he tragically crashed it.

    I was there when the town of Allston performed last rights for Mr. Butch via a Louisiana-style funeral march that went from his hangout at the corner of Harvard Ave and Commonwealth, all the way to the spot he crashed his vespa. It was a great event, and I have a T-shirt to remind me of the character he will always embody.

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