The Professional

Bernie is a professional. All day he works, clicking, printing, clicking, printing, and clicking and printing. He loves his work because he can do a good job without thinking. In the Knowledge Economy work is done without thinking. This splash of irony is the reason why the world around him is writhing in a simulated fit of economic angst. Simulated because the boom for which has now escaped humans of modernity was built on fairy dust and not on sweat equity. Poor Bernie will feel it soon enough once he is filed into obsolescence by a third-world day laborer – come senior ultra complex derivative swap analyst who can click buttons and print paper cheaper than the guy who cleans the toilet at Bernie’s favorite coffee shop. Then Bernie will join the rest of his glossy eyed pals waiting for someone to compensate him for his nievete.

For now anyway Bernie will try to stave off the inevitable by doing more clicking and printing. Maybe that way he can make it out of his job before it goes away and do a job where all he does is click, and a pretty girl can do the printing for him, freeing him to divert his attention to more pressing concerns such as emails scheduling meetings which he must then attend. What a concept, Bernie thinks to himself – some of the only thinking he has actually done today in fact (to reward himself for thinking he reaches for the doughnut box on the desk in back of him), all I have to do is click buttons and print paper for a few more months and then get promoted, go to meetings, check email, click fewer buttons and not have to print… wow, what a great job!