Inviting Ambition

Here I finally am, standing thirty-six stories above the harbor, in a room full of sport coats, cocktail dresses and inflated ego’s, poised to break the inevitable silence which occurs when a speaker has run out of material and begs for questions from an awkward grouping of entry level associates and seasoned executives.

I hate the feeling of trying to rationalize my self out of being the first person to ask a question of this nature, giving up only feels good for a split second before you realize you just lost out on an opportunity to make a bold statement.

I over dramatized the five second lapse of time in which I pondered what I would say to the speaker. Almost involuntarily I caught the speaker’s eye, raised my glass of Merlot to signal that I wished to put her experience to the test. Fearing a chilly misinterpretation, I unfurled my question in an unwavering tone.

Her response was laced with innuendo, ironically, just as unexpected as I though my words would have been to her. She conveyed more with her eyes than with her words, gesticulating confidently while holding my gaze. Yes, it was her confidence which I admired most, and her commanding posture despite her petite stature; her words seemed to go over everyone else’s head but found meaning in my own.

I really admired her, I must say again.

Had she only been twenty years younger I would have walked over to her and asked her if she wanted a drink, and then proceeded to tell her how fascinating she sounded – of course she would have not had a gleaming rock on her finger, but that is besides the point. I would have told her about my ideas and listened to more of hers. After finishing another glass of Merlot we would have walked out on the patio and delved into more personal matters, and stayed out there until the crowd had dispersed. Parting ways I would have asked her for her business card. When I got into the office the next day I would have sent her an email to arrange lunch.

Wow… back to reality.

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