The Birds on the Ledge

A flock of approximately fifty pigeons hang out on the ledge of the fourth story of the building across the parking lot from my office. They have a leader who rests separate from all the others, right on the end of this ledge. When he takes flight, so do the rest. They fly in formation, making three elliptical laps in the sky directly above the parking lot. The pigeons do this several times a day.

In my mind, this is their way of exercising. There seems to be no other reason why these pigeons would do this, except maybe to find food, but a pigeon almost never breaks formation. When there is a straggler, he finishes his three laps and joins the rest back on the ledge, and that is the most unique part of this observation.

2 thoughts on “The Birds on the Ledge

  1. Birds on the ledge flock together, a synchronized departure without a desination, only known by the alpha at the front of pack. Much like running into battle, these birds fly at the whim of their alpha, and the few who are bold enough to defy them take on a challenge that inspires confidence and confusion. The lead has been broken, and while the flock, the gang, of lowly old pigeons flies in circles around the humans below, some take wing under the direction of a new alpha-elect, and the pillars of conformity tumble at the foot of mindless rebellion.

    Take your own flight, birds on the ledge, and surely others will follow you.

    1. I, for one, fly where and when I will. Sometimes this means I crash to earth when I fly into a gale or storm with much pain and suffering, but also with much experience and learned lessons. Those that choose to follow me I neither condemn nor condone, though I do offer encouragement in whatever their decision may be.

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