The Five Rows of Selfless Courage

I am in the fifth row, alongside 4000 men who will march with me at the sound of our horn towards an army of evil. I am a loyal, battle-hardened officer of the Grand Legion. I have fought in many wars, and fought alongside some brave, valiant men, only to see them all fall under a sword. It is heavy on my heart to watch the life fade from my brethren in the midst of so much chaos and dispute.

There is always a time for great concern during war. This is especially so during the largest, most important campaigns of our time. The war I stand for at this very moment is the finest example I can find right now. It is one fight that represents the fate of all my people. I understand its importance, and I am sickened by it because I am in the fifth row.

If I was to be anywhere right now, I would be in two places. My first choice would be there, in the first row, where I would be in the front, able to see the panic in my first enemy’s eyes as I run him through with my sword stretched out. His body would fall to the ground moments after and he would whimper and shake before the steel of my blade hit his jugular.

My second choice would be in 6th row, or anywhere farther back. It is customary for the battalion to send up its first five rows into battle as the archers behind them take aim and fire arrows to catch the enemy off guard. All rows five and up can get hit by our own if the distances are miscalculated. It takes a real warrior to face death headstrong when it threatens you from your enemies as well as your comrades.

I have survived many a day in the first five rows, those five rows of selfless courage. I have also died a few times, died inside, when the ones I loved were taken from me in battle. My heart is black now after all the suffering I have witnessed. Now I am here, and the thought of being slain by a sword (however likely) is beyond me, masked by my passion to fight and die for my country. All the death and hate in the world has made me a desensitized war machine, and all I want is to see this fight through to the end, favoring us as the victor during this, the most important battle of all time.

8.24.08 – 10:00pm