Sitcom at the Office – Money

This is dedicated to Lapre, possibly one of the most frugal spenders I know.

Lapre – So, I just got an email from HR here.

Zucker – Yeah…?

Lapre – Yeah.

Zucker – And?

Lapre – It looks like I’ll be here… continually.

Zucker – What you mean? You didn’t get the job?

Lapre – No, I didn’t get the job.

Zucker – Aww, man I’m sorry.

Lapre – Yeah, yeah. Twelve dollars on dry cleaning… a waste.

Zucker – Hahaha, I’m sorry man, but that’s funny.

Lapre – Yeah, I’ll drink twelve dollars of scotch tonight to celebrate.

Elliot – Isn’t that over your tolerance?

Zucker – What, you mean alcohol tolerance?

Lapre – No, like money tolerance.