Some Change – Some Wisdom

“Can you spare any change for an old cadger like me?”

Sir, I have something here for you,
Something not right for my hands to hold.
Lo, this life of mine is none too different from yours, how bold!
By comparison my life for money has already been sold.

“The value of the dollar has shaken my will,
My passion to succeed and my intentions to fly!

The value of my life is the bill’s bottom-line!”

Here, where a penny is a diamond,
Only the devoted and keen survive.

I value your plight, old man, I value your determination,
It’s something found less in this modern day nation.

I want you to promise me something,
you will remember me fondly,
and thank me for your new life.
Remember my kindness and wisdom
And invaluable confidence in you.

“Yes, Sir, I promise! I promise my life on it.”

No! Don’t hastily promise such a thing,
Only love and death can ask such a price.
A quantity of one will always be your inventory.
There is no fair trade for a thing like your life,
Except money, so happily we sell ourselves away.

Don’t make the same mistake I did,
Some things in life are indeed charity,
And others are not, byproducts of insanity.
Your soul and your life, never sell to a soul,
For your soul, your passions will rid.

“I promise, kind Sir, I will inhibit!”

And you, kind Sir, are the best hope we have
To rekindle the heart of the American Spirit.

And with that, the wise man gave the cadger a bag.

He did not explain the contents or weight,

It jingled when shaken, spare change was the thought.

He opened the bag after the wise man had left him;

A golden glow grew from inside, his eyes showed signs of doubt.

The poor, wealthy soul had left to him a bag of gold coins.

Remember him, he’ll forever remember,

And the generosity of those who have lost more than their wallet.