First Date, First Kiss


~ Well, this was a really great night.

The closing remarks on an otherwise entertaining date were taking place. In the cab now, we know what we want, but have trouble expressing it. Perhaps she doesn’t feel the way I do.

Yeah, I had a really good time with you.

~ Yeah, this was fun…

Can I come in with you?

The question was the move, in my eyes. The intention to join her so late in the evening only brought up feelings of lust, not plutonic enrichment. It was a date, after all.

~ You want to?

Yeah, I’d like that.

We exchange a smile; a look of agreement. We step out of the cab, fare 22 bucks, all on me. She walks in front of me towards her apartment building. I’m one step behind her, watching her walk and smelling her scent. We walk through the main entrance of her building, and call the elevator. She pushes the call button, and then turns around to face me. I walk up close to her, and my body connects with hers; I pull her closer with my arms, embrace her, and give her a kiss. Her eyes close as our lips touch and a breathe of satisfaction holds the air for several seconds. She smells like vanilla and cherries.

~ Wow. You don’t waste any time, do you?

I suppose not, not when our time matters so much.

The right answer. Saying it right makes her feel the right way. I’ve never been so lucky to have you, is the message conveyed, and she picks up on it immediately.

The elevator door opens and a young couple exits the elevator, watching us as they pass. The girl looks at me, the guy looks at her. We smile back, enter the elevator, and begin kissing passionately before the doors close. We didn’t press any buttons; we stayed on the first floor for several minutes, unaware of time.

We only became aware of time when the couple that we saw earlier came back and called the elevator again. The doors open to us entwined, and we broke apart suddenly before the doors fully opened, but they got the point.

* Oh, we’ll take the stairs…

~ No, no, it’s fine; we got a little carried away.

Yeah, it’s alright, come on in. We’re going up!

My excitement is making me confident and my energy level is high as we welcome them back into the elevator awkwardly. The guy looks embarrassed and the girl is giving me looks.

* Which floor are you going to?

~ Seven please.

The guy hits seven and eight on the button pad. The numbers go as high as twelve. The elevator moves slowly, and the sexual tension is growing as the couple with us picks up on our intentions. I think they had the same thing on their minds as us. We quickly exit the elevator and enter her apartment, the second door left of the elevator.

With this newfound bravado and confidence, I take her hand again as we enter her apartment, a bare living room with a Yamaha sound receiver, a vinyl record player, and two retro-looking tower speakers. I engage her with hugs and kisses, this time without a care in the world. We drop our jackets where we stand; holding each other at the waists, our upper bodies are slightly curved outwards, and our lower bodies are connected by denim and heat. We were a flower in bloom during the darkest hour of the night.

I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time.

~ What kept you so long?

She smiles her smile, and I am at a loss for words.

I didn’t know how you felt about me.

~ Well now you do.

I do now.

We embrace again, and the spotlight leaves us as the view regresses out the window of her front-view apartment, above the city skyline it overlooks, and beyond the clouds that cover them. Even from up there, you can see our love like the North Star.