Carhartt and the walk to Summit Park

Imagine for a moment that clothing could tell stories.

‘Carhartt, what’s going on, brother?’ The light blue jeans remembered Carhartt the black denim construction jacket; the one that was thick enough to stave a knife jab. It had smears of white paint along the right arm.

–         ‘hey Mo, good to see you. Adidas, you know this guy?’

~ ‘yeah, he’s cool.’ Carhartt had never met Zara Man. Adidas has been worn with most everything in Zucker’s wardrobe. The Carhartt, as it turns out, is only now meeting the ‘occasionally-worn’ jackets.

Zucker lays the Carhartt down right next to Zara Man, and lays Adidas on top of Zara Man. Everything was happening on the bed.

  • ‘So, how was that walk, Adidas?’

~ ‘hey Zara Man, it was good, I think you would have liked it. So many layers, so many places…’

And Adidas proceeded to tell Zara Man about the trip Zucker went on with his camera and his thoughts. They talked about the walk from Somerville to Harvard and Harvard to Summit, stopping at places along the way to take pictures and Christmas shop. He purchased a gift for his brother, called “the Magic of M.C. Estcher,” found at Raven Books. With this new added weight to carry, the trip became more trying. Forces influenced Zucker’s emotional pilgrimage, and Adidas illustrated the whole scene, laying it out for Zara Man, next to the Carhartt, who could hear everything.

  • ‘How far did you all walk?’

~ ‘probably around ten miles.’

–         ‘no, it was closer to eight.’

As if Zara Man didn’t get the picture already.

–     ‘we stopped at some cool places.’ Carhartt took his opening. ‘He wanted to take pictures of so many things; he had not been to this place in a long time. I had never seen the graffiti on Brainard Street before, the slope of Summit Avenue, or the scope of Summit Park’s view.’

  • ‘Summit Park, was that a cool spot?’

And Zara Man learned about Summit Park, the place where Zucker fell in love time and time again. Together with him they sat and they watched the city, shaded by clouds of grey mixed with blue.

  • ‘Were there any hot ladies checking you out?’

–         ‘ buddy, I’m a jacket, do you think I care?’

  • ‘everyone cares. There was a cutie out there, wasn’t there?’

~ ‘There was this Asian girl walking up Summit Avenue while we were walking down towards Brookline. She had those eyes that make men melt. He kept walking his confident walk, but he slipped right as he walked by her!’

  • ‘Ahh man! That’s terrible. I wonder if she noticed?’

–         ‘Of course she noticed, she was right there. It was a quiet, awkward, ‘bread-n-butter’ passing. Even so, she was definitely the pick of the day.’

~ ‘yeah, she had a fit body. I like that.

  • ‘Of course you do, Adidas. We don’t even have to ask.’

They stayed on the bed, waiting to be put away for several hours. Those hours felt like days to them, motionless in the light from the lamp in the room.