Fat Cats and Hair Pieces

Two fat cats in corporate America plan to meet to discuss matters of personal importance. The lead-up and suspense to what the two talk about is hyper-sensitive, yet when they sit down in one of their plush offices, they discuss…

“So, Chuck, I need your help, as one rug-wearer to another.”

‘Sure, Frank, what can I do for you?’

“Well, I need your advice,” he takes off his hat, his hair hat, and places it on the table in front of him. Chuck does the same. The two men, balding, are sitting across from one another at a giant business meeting table, each with their hairpiece in front of them. One grey, one white.

They discuss matters of continuity, obscurity, and comfort, all relating to hairpieces and appearance. This conversation goes on for several minutes. Eventually, the receptionist knocks on the door as they discuss openly, and before the woman enters, the two men shuffle to get their hair pieces back on their head appropriately. They are flustered and slightly vulnerable at this moment, as the receptionist comes in the deliver some important information to Chuck. She doesn’t notice a thing.

‘Nancy, you’ve really got to buzz me or something before coming in.’

~ Sorry, Mr. Bampton. Here are those monthly revenue reports you asked for.

‘Thanks Nancy. You’ve met Frank Gimlen, have you?’

“Hi, Nancy, it’s nice to meet you.” Not as sincere as you would expect.

~ Hi, Mr. Gimlen. Can I get you anything?

“No thanks.”

~ Chuck?

‘No, this will do fine Nancy, thank you. Can you set up a phone conference for me with the Fidelity branch manager for 1:30pm? I want to go over these reports with him for a few minutes if he has the time.’

~ Of course.

“You’re a busy guy, Chuck.”

‘Eh, it comes with the job.’ And they both laugh as Nancy exits the room. They laugh to mask the underlying point they originally met for. Nancy doesn’t suspect a thing, but continues about her life assuming that Chuck is just a really quirky executive, and Frank is just another corporate fat cat.

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