Coffee Review – two new comers into my life.


We all have one, and every once and a while it is good to change it up.  Well about a month ago I got all crazy and decided to try a new type of coffee in my French Press.  Today brought with it yet another change to my coffee line up.  The two new coffee are reviewed below, I highly encourage you to try both and leave you impressions here on Artifact.

Rao’s Sicilian roast coffee: Smooth and even at first taste with a consistent strength throughout the tasting. The roast does not overpower the taste buds with flavor, giving the nose subtle sweet aromas reminiscent of dark chocolate. This is a perfect coffee for mornings and should be sipped without anything but the blandest food as it would not stand up to significant flavors.

Boston Common Coffee French roast coffee:  A milder blend of the French roast with a clearer taste on the front end of the palate, lending to a surprisingly strong finish.  Sweet and rich aroma are less present here but do not make this coffee fall flat by any means, its aromas do overcompensate for a less bold taste however.  This coffee is best enjoyed with spicy food as it can stand up to and enhance the more complex spices found in Indian and Mexican cooking.