Secluded on the Left Side

The left side,
Wind blowing,
Endless blue.
The sea watches,
I watch it too.
Seclusion covers it by water.
The trees are freed,
The clouds look;
They plan.
The water breaks,
The motions die down,
Wind grows stronger than before,
Water gathers from light to dark.
I watch secluded on the left side.
The car watches me from afar
Even though I’m in it;
Darkness makes the distance.
Streaming along side,
I watch the island
Lights are showing the way,
Riding endlessly to my new home;
Way away from everything in my world.
A new home, away from my real home,
It opens out as I get closer to freedom.
Normalcy has bit the dust as I fly;
I fly in the clouds above me,
The tools of life help me,
The car is my wing,
My arms stretched full,
Watching secluded on
The left

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