I used to be a flavor, you know. Yes, when I was younger, I was a secret and a treasure. I emanated like a budding fruit with rich aroma and taste. Life was good, you know, being a strawberry.

From birth to maturity, I saw the end of the tunnel, and anticipated the expressions of others as my flavor inhibited their senses. A thousand lives existed in the sensation of my flavor, and a thousand times I was happy for having ever been born.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry

  1. It is amazing how you speak so convincingly of the strawberry’s surety of purpose and joy in its fulfillment. Would that we all could attain such conviction in our purpose and such joy in its end.

  2. Thank you, it is my goal to improve this quality in my creative writings. I think if we could attain that level of surety, we would all live a little better.

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