Backwoods Moral Orange

Backwoods Moral Orange

6am awake, breakfast standing, windows with roughage and plant life and rain.

7am commute, dry/wet mishaps splashing puddles over curbs, suede leather shoes.

8am work, silence, still-air vents over fluorescent-screen fields of low-rise cubicles.

1pm lunch, leftovers on the desk, online programming, respite for the mind.

4pm commute, returns through mixed weather, subways, shades and spades alike.

5pm gym, venting, energy refutation, concentration, motivation to do better.

6pm home, dinner sitting, social frames holding windows to sunsets over drinks.

9pm bedroom, tired eyes fight with curiosity over what’s better to do in retirement.

11pm sleep, midnight metamorphosis, blink and pass through suns and stars,

rotation, rotation, rotation…

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