Dinner at Bluewater

Bluewater, the Ritz Carlton Resort in St. Thomas


Photo Credit - Travel En Vogue


The last time I ate here, it was on my 24th birthday. I remember the decorative glass plates on the tables, the quiet undertones of contemporary jazz and lounge music, and the smells of seafood, citrus and steak stirring around in the ocean breeze. For the better, everything was as I remembered it.

I ordered an appetizer of plantain gnocchi in a lobster crème fraiche after we got settled. The dish was presented on a plate five times the size of the portion, aptly suggesting the quality. Soft and sweet pieces of plantain gnocchi paired well with the unique textures of petite lobster chunks in sour crème. And like any great appetizer, it left me wanting more.

I drank Red Stripe beer that evening. Lager beers are choice for hot Caribbean weather and Bluewater knew exactly how to handle that; with a chilled glass and a perfect pour, every time.

I ordered a petite Filet Mignon in a plum wine reduction sauce for dinner, along with a timbale made of cheese, lobster, artichokes and plantains. The filet was prepared medium (slightly pink inside) to exude the flavors within, and the reduction was light, sweet (almost candied), and drizzled over the plate like a work by Jackson Pollock.

Dessert was hard to fathom after the bounty of food between my family and I, but when we saw the choices, we couldn’t say no. Further still, the restaurant had a calming vacancy inside (unlike the outside), allowing us to relax for as long as we wanted after I finished the crème brûlée and J&B on the rocks.

Succulence has an estranged sibling at Bluewater, the signature restaurant at the Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas resort. It’s only a matter of time before the word gets out. Among the other dishes that were shared that evening were crab cakes, scallops wrapped in bacon, salads with substance, tuna and gruper duets, apple fritters lined up over caramel ice cream and warm chocolate cake with milk. Every ounce of it was perfectly prepared, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyone looking for succulence and extravagance would do well to visit this restaurant while on St. Thomas. With indoor and outdoor seating available, you’re sure to have a visually pleasant experience as well.

Bring your wallet – $$$$ – and enjoy!