The Animal Collective – Brothersport

4pm, Sunday, 04.04.10

There are songs in life that make us feel and do as we want. Our hearts have an uncontrollable power over the body that if left undeterred, would eventually resemble a pagan-like dance in the middle of a random place. That happened earlier, but thankfully at home, in my living room, with roommates in the geography. I didn’t care, this music blew my mind.

I first heard The Animal Collective on WERS 88.9FM Boston. They were playing “My Girls,” and I had just woken up to it. I kept on listening until I heard who it was. Animal Collective, another electronic beast in the digital mix of other bands in the spotlight recently, like Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles, and Gorillaz. And yet this time, the band caused a sensation in my music world. I listened to more; sentimental lyrics about the simple ironies of life and death; love and happiness; sadness and healing; all of it collected in their energetic, psychedelic, indie-rock  music.

I recently listened to to their album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, and “Brothersport” struck me. It is the last track on the album, and rightly placed. The song can not be followed. Through its progression, the song began to build and increase in instrumental complexity. I was cleaning the apartment, and I had just finished organizing things. I began to enjoy standing in the clean open living room, and the music was flowing like the wind through the windows. I began to rock out to the song, dancing with energy and positivity. The ornaments and plants nearby could see me dancing and laughing and singing and smiling while jumping in circles around the living room. Pagan. That was my thought earlier. And then I saw the music video, and saw a whole new side to the song.

It eventually ended, and I felt like I had just exercised my heart and soul for the first time in so long. It felt so good to dance, expressional and exuberant, unaware of anything else around me but the beat and the jam and the feeling that it gave me. I felt like I could accomplish anything.