False Hope

== False Hope ==

false hope is seeing your boss park his Mercedes while you step off the bus.

false hope is checking your email from the dating site as your roommate is having sex.

false hope is spending your whole paycheck on a Coach purse.

false hope is going to a club hoping to score.

false hope is being thankful your job hasn’t been outsourced or automated.

false hope is buying a house with nothing down.

false hope is copying your friends homework for a semester.

false hope is putting 15% in your 401(k).

false hope is not pulling the plug.

2 thoughts on “False Hope

  1. we must never lose hope:

    -imagine the costs of owning and maintaining your own Benz over the 60$/month for public transportation

    -imagine all the new people you’ll meet as opposed to the one you’ll get tired of sleeping with

    -imagine the joy you’ll give the new owner of that new bag

    -imagine the confidence booster that follows hooking up with someone at a club

    -imagine the new life you’ll lead after leaving your late job

    -imagine the freedom of owning your own home

    -imagine the relief that comes from passing a class you hate

    -imagine the long-term benefits of retirement planning

    -imagine the new beginnings that start after you die

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