A Moment at Underbar NYC

It’s really easy, buddy, just look at those two over there.

Alex says this to me in Underbar New York as we watch two women sitting at the bar talking alone.

“They look pretty involved in whatever their talking about.”

Yeah, and they sound Spanish.

“Perfect, I can’t say anything in Spanish.”

Well, then consider this an English lesson. Teach them a few words, come on.

And without any preemptive material to work with, the two of us go over to the beautiful Spanish women and interrupt their conversation that was going a mile a minute. They stopped and looked at us with ‘are you kidding me?’ expressions.

And with good reason. I was caught completely off guard, and didn’t have a single approach to work with. I was running blind, put on the spot, and left down river without a paddle or a hope. It was my first attempt ever to pick up a girl at a night club, and it was fun.

My friend Alex dove in like he already knew where to jump, locking one of the girls into a conversation that eventually switched from English to Spanish to English and back. They had a flow going on, but from the English words I overheard, they were not making a strong connection. The woman I began talking to was not having it at all, and could smell my amateur scent. A few minutes and a drink go by, and they decide to leave… without us.

“Man, I saw that coming from a mile away.”

And that’s the point man. You want to go in with no expectations. The next best thing to expect is rejection.

“What’s the point then?”

What isn’t the point? Look at them!

And we look around to see them slowly walk to the exit. They both had beautiful bodies, and long black hair that curled down their tanned backs. They were both sexy and petite and had a confident walk together. I only realized how attractive they were when they turned around and looked at us one last time before leaving the club.