edible Boston – Five Years and Still Going!

I should thank the woman who lived in the apartment before me, because she left behind a quarterly subscription to edible Boston, a seasonal dive into local gastronomy for food lovers all around. If you’ve recognize the word “gastronomy,” its your kind of magazine.

edible Boston Summer 2010

I didn’t realize how involved people were; choosing peppers for certain dishes, stories from starting your own bee farm, making a signature root beer, finding the best cheese farms, apple farms, meat farms and wine. Every flavor for every pallet is covered in this magazine.

After stories and articles they usually include several tasty recipes that incorporate the local, home grown products they wrote about. It’s an enriching connection for the reader and foodie within.

Starting off their fifth year in production this Summer, edible Boston is pulling up their sleeves and getting more involved with the edible end-product. “This year,” writes Publisher and Editor Ilene Bezahler, “we decided to focus our attention not just on the farmers in our area but also on the chefs who are connected and working closely with them.”

This is an exciting opportunity; an endless source of culinary talent is available here in Greater Boston (a city that loves its food fresh and its dining fine), and edible Boston has a big chance to get closer to our city’s source of quality in the local food businesses sector.

Learn more about edible Boston at www.edibleboston.com