Metaform set to shock with “The Electric Mist”

Metaform's "The Electric Mist"

Metaform, the LA-raised hip hop producer, made famous for his acclaimed album, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” has taken the fruits of his labors and given them a neon-electro supplement. The end-result is a new album, “The Electric Mist,” a broad collection of electro pop that stands apart from the sound he was famous for. Metaform has changed ways with this album. There was no explosion at curtain’s open this time, no overabundance of soul and funk samples, but rather a winding up of progressive music interlaced with synthetic urban culture. The opening track, “Electric Eyes,” started me down a path of club-set electro and down tempo r&b. I caught onto the auto-tune, and immediately began to worry. I was worried that Metaform had lost his roots with the west coast music scene in which he so successfully found himself.

My worries were not realized, fortunately. Metaform is a talented musical producer, and this time around, he’s offering a new mix to bounce to. Tracks like “It’s Gotta Be” and “Introversion” reminded me that he’s still got the skills he came in with, and new stuff like “Secretly Alone” and “Strange Girl” demonstrated the unique transition he made into electro. And, as if foretelling a greater story in the making, “I Dreamt of the Machine” and “The Machine Approaches” offered ambient piano interludes that quieted the madness of the mist he stirred up. Amidst all the sampling, natural instrument recordings made his work stand out just as they did back in 2007.

“The Electric Mist” is a second induction, and not a follow-up album. Metaform is branching out into the eclectic waters of digital music for a new and ever-changing audience. He’s got more sounds at his disposal now, in addition to a new feature – his own words. This lyrical element puts his new album in a genre of its own, and fans of the electronic type will eat it up. Fans of the old school Metaform may not see things the same way, but through the mist I can clearly see an evolution has occurred. It’s a strong attempt to transition into electronic music, and I am confident he will continue down this new path with the same level of clarity he had years earlier.

“The Electric Mist” is set to release on June 15th, 2010. Learn more at