Shugg was about the size of a baby guinnee pig when Zucker first met her, but even then she explored the floor with such excitement. She was bought for a pretty penny by Adam and Michelle, and they raised her in their house, shared with tenants (like Zucker) for the first year of her life.

Shugg never really saw much of the tenants until she grew strong enough to climb the stairs in the backyard that led to the back porch upstairs. There, Shugg met Zucker, sprawled lazily on a chaise lounge recliner, surrounded by empty flowerpots and trash bags destined for the dumpster.

“Hey Dog,” Zucker was deeply involved in his own world; absorbing the sun, listening to birds over music in his headphones with a notebook in hand.

At 7 inches off the ground, Shugg was a terrier something… She was bred for urban living. From infancy to maturity, Shugg will stay incomparably close to the ground.

Zucker felt her vibrations up the stairs before her light grunts and wet nose explored his fingertips and thigh. She still had that energy – that curiosity about the world that drives her wild. Like a blank canvas looking for new colors and experiences, so too little Shugg, looking aimlessly in each flowerpot for new smells and new friends.

Shugg had a pretty sheltered upbringing, not really leaving the house or the backyard much, except when Adam and Michelle took her to the vet or perhaps on a weekend trip. No, the most unusual place for Shugg in that house was the back porch upstairs. There, she met the cats…