Everything Everything – MY KZ, UR BF

It’s a good feeling when bands gain international fame. It’s an odd feeling, I bet.

Everything Everything. In little time, they have come out of the woodwork of the UK with a music video for their new single, “MY KZ, UR BF” and I have to tell you, it’s a really great song. Give it a listen, give it a look, I embedded a music video below for you to watch. The song tells the story of a guy who’s been found out by this girl’s boyfriend. Enjoy :-)

This track should be highly rated on big billboards, and have a great “one-hit” feel to it for a while. The lyrical quality is strong and plays a big part in the band, acting as an instrument of its own. Rekindling this energy felt in the minor chord, they took pop and guitar rock to a nice, mellow level. While their other music is varied in vibration, they have a clean sound that is not often heard. Their studio work is mint. I hope to hear more just like it.