The Undisturbed Niche of Designer Postcards

A small crafts store in Western Massachusetts called THE MERCANTILE is where I found a pack of postcards inspired by the book ALL THINGS OZ. I bought them knowing one day I would send them to close friends who would enjoy their novelty.

Inside I found a timeless collection of portrayals and interpretations from the book that made me think of The Wizard of Oz in a way unlike the motion picture classic. Made of quality papers and inks, the limited pressing feels like it was produced in the Land of Oz, hopefully by cool little munchkins. They’ve grown difficult to part with, but have (and will) entertain several people when the time is right.

There is a growing niche market for designer postcards like these. The independent designers who get turned down by major publishers go rogue and produce their own. It has become increasingly easier to make your own customized everything, and all it takes is some word of mouth to get your work picked up.

Craft stores like THE MERCANTILE are a good place to start; local small-businesses that appreciate home-grown talent and look down on mass-merchant peddlers. I asked around, and realized the best deluxe card shoppers shop by artist, pressing, and novelty. Find a style that fits your creativity, and leave the kind of impression you’d expect from a postcard.