Artifact Loves Viva Radio

Despite sailing through a legal storm of issues right now, LA-Boutique clothing company American Apparel proudly supports a radio station online, and it’s just great. VIVA-RADIO.COM, go check it out. It was well-received by employees and customers of American Apparel when it first went live, but in time it grew thanks to word of mouth and the way of the web. Now, anybody can listen to it. I’ve been listening for a few months, and it has effectively replaced the other radio stations I frequent.

It is no surprise that a station like VIVA RADIO would sprout from chic retail like this, but it is surprising that so few competitors market their stations the same way. Plenty of retail stores (like Hollister, Gap, Guess, etc) have a dynamic theme to their fashion, be it sexy, business, casual, or more. Their standpoints on fashion provide an opportunity to better retain customers; using music as a mode of media marketing, retail companies have the power to influence consumer interest and demand.

Viva Radio

VIVA RADIO is brought to you by a group of freelance music producers, each with a sound that agrees with the style: chic, artsy, trendy, hipster, basic, yet original. That means pop, disco, funk, hip hop, and a mishmash of electronic genres that I am unable to categorize. Some of it comes from far reaching places around the world. The producers who submit work to Viva Radio do so for a generation of young, savvy, and capable listeners who live for the moment. Such is the mission… Viva!

For enthusiasts, there is a blog you can follow from their site. Check out interviews, upcoming shows, emerging artists and music trends. It’s a great resource for people looking for new music, as each DJ brings something new to the front. With that in mind, I want to give a special shout out to POSSO, The DJ duo Vanessa Giovacchini and Marylouise Pels. After listening to their show, I fell in love with the station. Thank you girls, and thank you VIVA RADIO for keeping the music loud and proud.