Life is short… and then

Instead of walking somewhere I planned on, I stop and I turn down a side road up North. My walk goes a little vertical; I’m not going to my normal place. I’m trying something new this time.

“Life is short,” says the butterfly, flapping right in front of me as it jumps from branch to branch. There’s a set of houses with Virgin Mary Statues shrines proudly placed in front yards. A woman in her house told me they were symbols to show their hearts are as open as their doors. A few had been taken down in the last few years.

And then I walked by the old city hall, rich in red columns, cobbled engravings, next door to the new city hall. It was a big, bustling street, a sunny open void that made me hungry.

And then I noticed the strange, awkward, audible feedback from people passing me as I wrote all this.