The Cog in the Wheel

I am a cog in the great wheel of creation –
expressing amazing emotions of living cognition,
and strange vibrations that make my reality so realistic.

I am the script that reads itself and moves on its own,
always learning from the cognitions, emotions,
and strange vibrations of time.

There are others like me,
but few in number,
as our purpose is vital and specific.

Our placement in the wheel is symmetrical and destined,
equidistance from one another,
ensuring the wheel keeps moving.

We help move the wheel for all others,
and without the wheel
the world would fall.

Without the thoughts that appear aimless,
emotions seem radical and extreme,
and vibrations would turn rough and nightmarish.

Oh! Stop this distortion; something is not as it should,
a cog has come loose in the great wheel that creates
and drains from its side a wild energy…

…of life,
and hate.