John Harvard’s Beer Flight

Disclaimer: there is a whole different story being made called “John Harvard’s Beer Flight,” but this is not that story…

I went to John Harvard’s for dinner sometime ago with a friend, Jimmy C., and took the chance in trying a flight of their microbrews. I recommend you try it, if you like trying new beers. Couple that with a good dinner and you’re all set! They gave us a good deal for ordering two, and we ended up ordering pints of our favorites afterwards.

John Harvard’s Beer Flight:

Colonial Gold
Pale Ale
Holiday Spice Ale
Demon DPA
Milk Stout

Colonial Gold:
This was a their blond ale, a German-style offering that’s smooth and very light in body and color. It was refreshing, but had a hoppy aftertaste.

Pale Ale:
This was a great pale ale, full of body and smooth taste. It was darker and sweeter than the Colonial Gold, kind of like Sierra Nevada, but with a floral aroma to it.

Holiday Spice:
This was their seasonal offering, a holiday brown ale loaded with cinnamon and nutmeg. It was a great blend of sugars and spice that made this one go with the season.

Demon DPA:
This is their double IPA, a stronger hops, a stronger beer. It was smooth going down, and there was a light aftertaste, but that thing had a strong, hoppy bite. Very tasty!

Milk Stout:
This was a variation of a classic rich stout, smooth and flavorful. It wasn’t overpowering at all; it was very dark, sweet, and milky, and the roasted malts tasted like coffee.

My favorite out of all of them was the Milk Stout, seconded by the Pale Ale. I bought a pint of each before the night was through, Jimmy had another Holiday Spice. It was a great way to sample everything they had in the house. Their food menu is a whole different story!

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