On the Train – 4


Washington D.C.

Photo Credit – Complex.com City Guide

Hammer took me to Yum’s Carryout on 14th and U to finally try some mumbo sauce. Mumbo sauce is a tangy blend of duck sauce, barbeque sauce, and a third (secret) ingredient that makes it a DC-specific slice of culture. Go to any carryout in the city (Chinese carryout, to be precise) and ask for it by name. Ask for it on your fried chicken, your fries, and your dumplings. Hell, ask for extra sauce on the side, and dip whatever you want in it. The subtle blend of sweet and tangy goes well with anything. It was worth having fried chicken and chicken-fried rice for breakfast that morning because I got to taste that authentic flavor of inner-city culture. The juices made my palette yearn for more, new, things.

Just wait, my senses. Just wait for what’s ahead.