On the Train – 5

Manassas, VA


Photo Credit - Lauren Odderstol

The last day in Virginia was one of the most impressionable. I had one of the most unique experiences in my life. I flew a plane. My uncle owns a Diamond DA40 XLS, a pilot’s private fantasy plane, a flagship in regards to personal exploration… I’ll remember the COM transmissions, and the very precise etiquette that applies to private air travel. Words like “November,” “Papa,” and “Alpha,” along with obscure number readings were common… my heart was racing, and we hadn’t even taken off yet. And then we did take off, and I discovered a new sensation in life… it felt like driving for the first time again… nothing seemed like it was… and then my uncle gave me control of the plane… the stick was between my legs, and the rudder pedals were at my feet, like the gas and brake pedals on a car… only this time there were no brakes, and we were traveling at 150 miles per hour. My knuckles were white…



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  1. Awesome man, I’ve always wanted to fly a plane. Where did you go? Did you get to land the plane?

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