On the Train – 7

Cleveland, Ohio

Odd things are happening as I venture farther away from everything I’ve grown comfortable around. The veil of what appears to be sane and insane is growing more and more transparent, and I no longer know what to expect in the experiences that follow. I’ve been trying to fall asleep for four hours, and never truly found that deep and empty quiet. A time came around, between three and four in the morning, when I was not really sure if I was dreaming. I was in my recumbent coach seat, and Reggie, my co-passenger for the trip, was asleep next to me. His porkpie hat was covering his face. Everyone was listening to (and laughing at) my friend, Jimmy C., who for some reason was there, doing a stand-up comedy bit, somewhere down the length of the train car. His voice and the laughter echoed in my head, and I saw everything as I would in waking life. I laughed too, hysterically, in my dreams (?), at the madlibs of a ghost, waking up in Cleveland, Ohio, five hours away from Chicago.