Coffee Country: Boston Common Coffee Company

Boston Common Coffee Company

515 Washington St
(between Avenue De Lafayette & Chickerling Pl)
Boston, MA 02111



This shop was my morning destination for great coffee for nearly three years. Every morning I went to work, I would stop there to get a small cup of coffee, and possibly a scone or a honey wheat bagel with butter on it. They knew me like any loyal customer. I had almost every blend they offered, and for better or worse, I discovered what good coffee is all about, all thanks to this place.

This is not your ordinary cafe. This is a fair-trade, small business success story. It’s a coffee house with room to relax; great for people to sit down and talk. They have great background music that changes with the moods of the staff, who are great, knowledgeable, and certainly willing to offer suggestions if you can’t figure out what you want. I don’t recommend getting in line without an idea, however, or you’re likely to vex the others waiting patiently.

Their Guatemala Antigua and Breakfast Blend offerings are at the top of my list. Their muffin-tops and scones are great in the morning, and their panini sandwiches are also something to write about. My favorite one is the “Big Tony,” a sliced meatball marinara creation that hits several different spots at once.

I recommend this to every single Bostonian in the metro area. Break away from the Dunkin doldrums and try a truly unique drip.

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