Coffee Country: CC’s Community Coffee House

CC’s Community Coffee House

941 Royal St
New Orleans, LA



CC’s is perhaps one of the best coffee houses located in the French quarter of New Orleans. Their coffee is well-known in the area, and they distribute locally to a lot of businesses that swear by it. I had to visit their home and try a cup while on my cross-country tour.

The shop is set up like a cafe with areas to sit and talk with friends. They offer a few blends on tap that are far from ordinary. They have a passion for bold roasts. I got an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe that had a complex taste and body to it. They also have free refills, which was a big plus.

They have a variety of beans you can take with you, flavored and premium. Someone suggested the “Roasted Pecan Praline” blend, which smelled great from the bag. If only I had the room to pack it, I would have bought it. If I ever visit New Orleans again, I will make a point to go there and get a bag.