Coffee Country: Kinley’s House

Kinley’s House Coffee & Tea

2231 N Mesa St
El Paso, TX 79902



Independent coffee shops in El Paso are hard to find. I found myself really searching the local scene for this one, and I was satisfied with the results. Oddly enough, it’s right across the street from a Starbucks, and yet it survives the fierce competition.

Kinley’s House has established itself in the UTEP (University of Texas, El Paso) area for having great coffee, tea, and food. Much like any proper coffee house, their place is open and inviting. They have an outdoor seating area as well, which is great. They have an extensive variety of teas and espresso drinks that are worth trying, but not by me (this time). I got a cup of their fair trade organic roast and relished in the experience by the windows facing North Mesa Street.

The coffee was quality: smooth, bold, and aromatic. I sat there for close to an hour, watching the customers come and go, listening to them talk and ultimately drive back into the sprawling panoramic of El Paso. I left feeling satisfied; I would go there again on my next visit.