Coffee Country: Stell Coffee

Stell Coffee

This place is what independent coffee shops are all about. Stell Coffee & Tea Company roasts locally, and distributes locally. And while I only got a cup of the usual on my brief visit to Redlands, I could taste the quality – strong, aromatic, and full of body. It’s a simple operation they have over there, and they’ve perfected the process.

They roast their beans inside the shop, and it gives the place a hearty coffee smell. It’s an adorably small and welcoming atmosphere, half inside and half outside.

Their staff is very friendly. Their edibles are pretty appetizing, especially the chocolate chip cookies and panini sandwiches. They put time and effort into their product, and that’s enough for me to buy a bag before continuing on my cross-country trip.

Stell Coffee & Tea Company
1580 Barton Rd
Redlands, CA 92373

Review originally published on Yelp.