Eat for Life #1 – Taking the First Step

Before we begin, I thought it would be nice to start with a prologue to offer some background and answer, among all other questions, why I’m doing this.

I’m doing this for my dad.

When I was 21, I was 30-lbs overweight. I had a very unhealthy lifestyle, and I was aware of it, but not motivated to change it. It wasn’t until things started to fall apart in my life did I realize something had to change. When I started living on my own in the real world, I said “enough!”

Enough with feeling like the least attractive guy on the room!
Enough with the same action and the same reaction.
Enough with all of the excuses!

The following year, I began a rigorous weight loss campaign. I swallowed my fears and joined a gym near my home. That’s how it started. Simply adjusting my life to include regular exercise was a long and demanding process.

My diet, however, didn’t change, and that slowed my success. After a year with limited results, I realized my diet needed to change.

Awareness – the first step towards change.

I first began to observe what I ate, and took notes. A pattern emerged:

Too much bread!
Too much dairy!
Too much red meat!
Too much sugar, salt, and oil!
Too much alcohol!
Too little vegetables!
Too little fruits!
Too little fish!
Too little creativity! 

As I continue with this series, called “Eat for Life,” you’ll begin to see how a change in attitude enabled me to lose weight and develop healthy eating habits.