Second Chance

And in a near-midnight dream
I thought of you…

As if your eyes and mine
were meant to see
the beauty in our lives.

My heart screams poly-tone.

Like the beach sands say to receding water
I’ll see you again.
And it always happens this way,
like a sad ending to a movie,
when the good guy walks away, dies
at the end without a hope, perhaps
when life seems meaningless. There is
no hope of a second chance, so
wish it the other way around.

Secluded on the Left Side

The left side,
Wind blowing,
Endless blue.
The sea watches,
I watch it too.
Seclusion covers it by water.
The trees are freed,
The clouds look;
They plan.
The water breaks,
The motions die down,
Wind grows stronger than before,
Water gathers from light to dark.
I watch secluded on the left side.
The car watches me from afar
Even though I’m in it;
Darkness makes the distance.
Streaming along side,
I watch the island
Lights are showing the way,
Riding endlessly to my new home;
Way away from everything in my world.
A new home, away from my real home,
It opens out as I get closer to freedom.
Normalcy has bit the dust as I fly;
I fly in the clouds above me,
The tools of life help me,
The car is my wing,
My arms stretched full,
Watching secluded on
The left

Love in the Cochlea

Serenade softness into my coral shell,
holding me close and telling me all before night fell.

There are only waves and sounds on the beach,
like a lot of great things in life, each
with a legend best left for the wind to tell.

My ears are filling with natural sounds,
a feeling like life has had no bounds,
a life like dreams that are never out of reach.