The Last Twenty

3.21.2010, St. Thomas

I spent the last twenty seconds watching a man para-sailing off the coast, whipping up breakers and doing rotations in the sky before returning to the churning waters below. Pressing onward, the sail took him from one side of the beach to the other and back, over and over.

I spent the last twenty minutes eating a quick snack (banana, granola, water) and finishing a Red Stripe beer, talking to my Dad about what there is to do (and not to do) while here on the island.

I just spent the last twenty hours hyper-experiencing the rush of Tropical living, driving, walking, swimming, eating, trying so many things not normally available to me. I rested on white sandy beaches and drifted off to sleep in gentle breezes, warm sunshine, and calm ocean currents. Here, my dreams wore sandals and walked on waters made of limitless possibilities.