John Harvard’s Beer Flight

Disclaimer: there is a whole different story being made called “John Harvard’s Beer Flight,” but this is not that story…

I went to John Harvard’s for dinner sometime ago with a friend, Jimmy C., and took the chance in trying a flight of their microbrews. I recommend you try it, if you like trying new beers. Couple that with a good dinner and you’re all set! They gave us a good deal for ordering two, and we ended up ordering pints of our favorites afterwards.

John Harvard’s Beer Flight:

Colonial Gold
Pale Ale
Holiday Spice Ale
Demon DPA
Milk Stout

Colonial Gold:
This was a their blond ale, a German-style offering that’s smooth and very light in body and color. It was refreshing, but had a hoppy aftertaste.

Pale Ale:
This was a great pale ale, full of body and smooth taste. It was darker and sweeter than the Colonial Gold, kind of like Sierra Nevada, but with a floral aroma to it.

Holiday Spice:
This was their seasonal offering, a holiday brown ale loaded with cinnamon and nutmeg. It was a great blend of sugars and spice that made this one go with the season.

Demon DPA:
This is their double IPA, a stronger hops, a stronger beer. It was smooth going down, and there was a light aftertaste, but that thing had a strong, hoppy bite. Very tasty!

Milk Stout:
This was a variation of a classic rich stout, smooth and flavorful. It wasn’t overpowering at all; it was very dark, sweet, and milky, and the roasted malts tasted like coffee.

My favorite out of all of them was the Milk Stout, seconded by the Pale Ale. I bought a pint of each before the night was through, Jimmy had another Holiday Spice. It was a great way to sample everything they had in the house. Their food menu is a whole different story!


Precinct – in Union Square, Somerville, MA
Sunday, September 5th, 2010
BBC Lost Sailor IPA

I rolled up my socks and left for Union Square around 10pm, a quick walk downhill in temperate evening air. I was the first to get there, and the back of the bar was starting to show some life. The show was set to go on any minute. I made that awkward stroll through the whole spot to find potential friends, but instead of finding them I found an excellent place to sit during the entire show – SEA MONSTERS. The Labor Day Weekend let me have my fun for once on a Sunday.

My IPA was cold and delicious, crisp and hoppy. Over the next several sips I began to notice groups come together. Out of nowhere, my old neighbors Adam and Michele showed up, and with smiles and surprise we embraced and talked until my friends showed up. They told me all about the band, and how they only played at PRECINCT on Sunday Nights. Each band member had a side project they worked on professionally, and once a week they showed up to play a show together at this place only.

Christian McNeal

Their weekend act is a headline hit. People from all walks of life were dancing and jamming to their indie blues rock. The improv work by Christian McNeill, co-founder of the band, was very impressive. The other founding member, Jesse Dee, was not present for the show, which was unfortunate. Even with one front man down, the other players held it down. They had a strong sense of soul, but it was rustic; acoustic guitar and retro-keyboard sounds mixed bits of classic rock and R&B together in a good way.

It was bluesy, and often went on groovy jams that spurred applause and howling when each instrument took a turn in the spotlight. It was not your average garage band event, but a workshop exhibit of the best and brightest group in the area. It was the best eight dollars I had spent in ages.

And they certainly knew how to draw a crowd, too. People local to the area know the story better than I do. Their fame precedes them, and their sound lives up to expectations. They all gave great solos that made me wonder what other shows this bar plays. The under-80, standing-room-only ambience left me satisfied for over two and a half hours. What other greats have come and gone underground in that back room at PRECINCT? It doesn’t really matter; SEA MONSTERS have become iconic figures there, and I don’t expect that to change.